Throwback Thursday

What do you call a banana that can do gymnastics?

A banana split.🍌 

Did you know majority of your brain is fat?

Did you know stop signs used to be yellow?

What do you call a bagel that can fly?

a plain bagel.

What do you call a car with no tires?


What do you call a laffy taffy?


why was 6 afraid of 7?

cause 7 8 9.

What kind of streets do ghosts haunt?

Dead ends.

Ever tried to eat a clock?

Its time consuming.

What do you call a sad strawberry?

A blueberry.

What do you call a boomerang that wont come back?

A stick.



Voki videos

I watched many Voki videos for a while, I guessed on lots of them let me tell you my guesses. #1 Shrek this one was obvious. #2 Dog from a dogs purpose, the many lives gave it away. #3 Spiderman, this one said red and black suit and aunt and uncle died so thats how I knew. #4 Rapunzel, I knew this cause it said I have long hair. #5 Red riding hood, This one said I hate the forest thats how I knew. #6 Bruno, This one said “I lived in my walls for an (amount of time)” I forgot but thats how I knew. That Is all hope you enjoyed my guesses!

School review

This is my review on Draper Park Middle. Dpms overall is a pretty great school, but it has a little bit of kinks. First of all, The lunches, Dpms lunches are pretty decent. A couple things they could do better is their drinks, I honestly think instead of chocolate milk we should have juice boxes, a lot of the time the milk that we have is chunky and taste funky i think it would be better with juice boxes and a lot more enjoyable.  Another thing is the chicken nuggets. I think we should just get rid of them there is too much cartilage and it makes them chewy and kinda gross.

This is a variety line

Second of all, Technology. Dpms Technology is great I don’t think there are any kinks except for their slow wifi sometimes but that usually gets fixed. Last of all, The actual building. I think the building is honestly amazing. Our school building is definitely bigger and more updated than others, we are lucky. I don’t think there is anything bad about this building it is built pretty well and all the classrooms are a great size.


My favorite color is purple, here are some photos I took around the school with this color!

I love this shade probably my favorite.

Pretty scenery in the background

I love this hall and its color!

Very dark purple here.

I love this shade and the way it works well with the blue.

I love the lavender color.

Very light purple looks grey on camera.

Very pinkish purple.


This is my travel post on Hawaii. Hawaii is so fun and I would 100% go back it is so beautiful and I love the ocean. The Hotel I was staying at didn’t even feel hotel like. When you walked in the lobby theres no roof and its very humid. There are separate buildings with multiple rooms but all the buildings are connected with sidewalk and a pool in the middle. You are right next to an ocean so thats obviously why its s

o humid. Down the street a couple blocks away from the hotel theirs a delicious shaved ice place me and my family went to after swimming. In Hawaii there are also so many great thrifts stores with amazing stuff! There are also many activities like boogie boarding, surfing, kayaking and beautiful hikes. The mountains in Hawaii are so beautiful and the amazing waterfalls. The sunsets and sunrises in Hawaii are so beautiful and worth waking up for. Hope you enjoyed my travel post about Hawaii.

Free write on GTA V

This is my free write on GTA V. GTA V is a video game you can play on Xbox, Xbox series, Ps4, Ps5, PC and more. I think GTA is a fun game but it is a very violent game and is recommended 17 and up. I am 12 so I probably should not play this game but my parents do not really care. In GTA theres a thing called Rp its basically just Xp and it helps you level up. GTA V honestly has not been around that long only since 2013 so it is definitely younger than me. I used to play GTA V a lot but not really anymore and I shouldn’t so thats good. I love GTA V but I recommend not playing it at whatever age you are, but hope you enjoyed by free write about it. 

My free write on Roblox

This is my free write on Roblox. Roblox is a virtual game that you can play on almost any device, it is basically a game with many different games inside of it. Roblox has been around since 2006, Its even older than me! Although Roblox may look fun and innocent, there are many strangers and there could be dangerous people. I think many parents shouldn’t let their kids play Roblox at a young age, because they could accidentally share there info and be in danger. I mainly play Roblox on Xbox, and you cant even chat there. I rarely play it, but when I do I gotta be careful. Roblox is also very funny and there are many silly games you can play on there.

Hope you enjoyed my free write on Roblox.